Nordica Ski Boots

I am someone who does not enjoy the winter months. When the cold air comes sweeping in it makes me glad that I live in the south where the winters last for a month, maybe two at the latest. We do not have to worry about problems of snow, ice, and sleet bombarding us at all hours of the day and staying until spring has arrived.

As much as I don’t like being around snow for seven months out of the year I have no problems playing in it for a few days or even a couple of weeks. It is with snow that I am able to play one of the best sports that was ever created – skiing.

Skiing is like an art form. Some people are graceful at it and others will fall flat on their face – and every other body part! One of the best ways to make sure that you are having a safe and pleasant ski trip is to be using the right gear. I found that the Nordica ski boots are some of the highest quality to use.

Nordica History

Brothers, Adriano and Oddone, had years of experience in trading furs and other supplies. In 1939 they took that experience and set up ‘Nordica’ in the region of Montebelluna. At this shop they made and sold casual footwear to the people in the surrounding areas. It was not until after the war that they began to turn their attention to making specialized ski boots.

In 1950 Zeno Cole – a famous skier – gave his name to one of the Nordica ski boots and helped to launch the start of a their new brand – Colmar. Right after this happened – while wearing the new boots – he became World Champion in the downhill and the giant slalom in Aspen, Colorado.

Today Nordica still specializes in making some of the best ski boots for women, men, and juniors. They are know throughout the world and considered to be the highest quality in their market.