Nordica Ski Boots For Juniors

Like with any sport it is never a bad thing to start teaching your children how to do new things while they are still young. Many boys and girls of all ages enjoy vacations in which they learn how to ski. In the blink of an eye they have become so good at it that their parents will watch them with envy.

Children are often times more agile than adults and are able to move in ways that we would love to. Nordica has taken the experience and knowledge from engineers and athletes to come up with special ski boots for juniors. These are both stylish, easy to use, and safe for every rider – boy or girl.

The junior line is divided into three categories; race, sport performance, and all mountain. All of these boots will cost between $200 to $400 or more.

Dobermann Team

The Dobermann collection is one of the most famous all across the board. These boots are specially designed with proper flex that allows young kids to bend at the ankles and to twist and move their bodies in a way that they are comfortable with. These boots were made by the special flex and comfort team and make it easier for juniors to have fun and be safe at the same time.


The Nordica Nordy junior boots are cute and come in styles for both boys and girls. These are made to be worn easily and are designed with easy pull straps that even the youngest of kids will not have problems with.

Hot Rod

The Hot Rod is geared towards the older kids. It is similar to the adult boot version and helps kids to conquer the mountain terrain safely and easily. The shock absorption helps to protect their feet and balance to keep them from getting hurt.