Nordica Ski Boots For Women

Nordica makes ski boots for both men and women of all ages. The women ski boots are geared for those who love to play for sport or those who love to play for fun. They have four different lines of women Nordica ski boots that include; high performance, sport performance, all mountain, and convenience. Below are three of their more popular boots. All of their boots cost between $400 to $800.


The Speedmachine collection for the women’s line was created especially for women who are looking for high performance combined with comfort. This are easy to use and are perfect for women of any level to use. They come in a fun design and are durable enough to be used all the time. They are made with synthetic leather, fur lining, and double adjustable canting cuffs.


The Sportmachine collection is a combination of comfort and performance like none that has ever been seen. It uses special technology that has been tested and proven to make it easier for people to ski and to enjoy every moment of it.

It utilizes the natural foot stance – which helps you to keep your natural standing position with little effort. It is made with synthetic leather, fur lining, double adjustable canting cuffs, and a PFP performance heat ready liner. These cost around

Hot Rod

The Hot Rod ski boots are one of their newest collections. These are designed for women who are overcoming obstacles and seeking to make the leap from intermediate to mountain skier. These will work well in all terrains and in different conditions. They work best with front side equipment and help to absorb any shocks. They are made with the precision fit FSE gel heat ready and fur liner.